Easy Peasy Small Fondant Flower


Pink gumpaste
5-Petal Cutter
Cornflour - for dusting
Dog bone tool

1. Roll pink fondant thinly but not paper thin or the fondant will easily tear. Now, dip your 5-petal cutter with a little bit of cornflour, then cut the pink fondant.

2. Cut out as many as you like but make sure to keep it cover with a polythene bag or a ziplock bag to prevent to harden.

3. Take some the cut out flowers and put it on a sponge. Then, use the dog bone tool and make an indent in the middle of the flower.

4. Let the flowers dry at least overnight. You could pipe some royal icing or stick on some dragees at the middle of the flowers to make it more livelier! 

Fondant Roses

1. Take some fondant roll into a ball and then make a cone shape of the fondant ball. Set aside.
Then take some other fondant and roll it out long. You don't need to measure. It is freestyle method. Just use your imagination! 

2. Cut the long fondant into 7 pieces of the same size for the rose petals. If you want to put more petals, just cut out more. 

3. Take all the pieces except the cone and put in a polythene bag or ziplock bag to prevent it harden. 

4. Press one of the fondant pieces with your finger. Ok, this is a bit tricky. Flatten out thinly at the upper corner of the petal and the sides. Not at the middle. The middle part needs to be a little bit thicker so that you could easily handle it when you want to start assemble the petals on the fondant cone.

5. Wrap the flatten fondant piece, thin edge side-up, the pinch down at the base of the fondant cone.

6. After that, take another flatten petal and it like it the picture above. Sorry about the quality of the picture! Not easy to make a rose and a take picture at the same time. 

7. Then wrap around the fondant cone and you will get a rose bud.

8. Continuously wrap all of the petals at the rose bud. If you can't imagine how to synchronize your rose petals, just look at a real rose picture. Then you can see how all the petals overlapped each other.

9. Using both of your index fingers. Roll the bottom of the rose into a funnel-like shape and then just pull it off the fondant cone.

10. Look! Easy non-cutter roses. Just use your fingers and hands and also your imagination!