August 15, 2011

My Dear Eclairs

Wonder where you could get those soft, luscious and with a streak of melted chocolate on the top eclairs? Yes! Actually you can make it on your own. Provided you have all the right ingredients, the right tools and method. Voila! Eclairs on the table ready to be serve. But before we're going to start making one. Let's get some flash back on where these beautiful and magnificent pastry came form.

Eclair probably originated from French. The word "eclair" actually means lightning in French. It seems doesn't have any connection with pastry but nobody cares as long it tastes good, right? Now, eclairs are made from choux dough and can be filled with custard or even whipped cream and topped with an icing. Nowadays, it is topped with chocolate icing.

As the celebration time is near, I have some plans to do this succulent pastry. I can't wait to try it by myself. ( Not to mention eating by myself. Hahaha! ) Sometimes it is good to test all of your cooking and baking skills during the festive holidays. I like to do new recipes for baking and cooking...and festive holidays are a good test bed, for as all of your family members and friends will give sincere comments. From these comments, you could improve on any areas that needed the improvement. Ok... your ears could become as red as the tomatoes in the fridge but it is worth it.

I think I'll set off to find all the ingredients and will bake me some Eclairs!

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